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Rick McCusker, WF6O

From time to time, the letter carrier, Fed-Ex or the UPS delivery drivers drop off little surprises at the Worldradio World Headquarters complex. On Monday, 03 May, a BIG surprise package was dropped off.

This package comes from one of our Lifetime subscribers, Don Bremer, KB6LO, of Joplin, MO. Several examples of Amateur Radio history were carefully packed by Don and shipped to us for display in the Worldradio museum.

Weighing in as the heaviest item, the rarely seen Wouff Hong Don purchased at a flea market several years ago from a vendor who thought it was a "railroad semaphore." It's made of what appears to be brass, and the base has embossed letters that say, "ARRL National Convention, Chicago, ILL, Sep 3, 4, 5, 1938." But a problem has reared its ugly head over its possession. Should we maintain custody of it (hold it for ransom!), or should we send it to ARRL Headquarters for display? Your thoughts on this most perplexing dilemma are appreciated.

Also enclosed in the package was an application from Samuel Van Liew, 6NH of Long Beach, CA, to become a member of the ARRL. Samuel (now an SK) was 18 at the time. It's dated 11 June 1914. This appears to be one of the first forms issued by the ARRL and is a survey and application combined into a single form. The ARRL asked some interesting questions on this form. "Length of your Aerial, Height above ground and Number of wires in Aerial and space between" are some of the most interesting.

There were several other items of interest, and I'll feature them in future installments of "Old Time Radio." - Rick, WF6O


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